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Our School Day

Start of the Day

Our day at Hogarth Academy begins at 8.45am when all the children line up with their class on the playground. The teachers then take the children into their class by 8.50am. When all the children arrive in their class they all begin their day with ‘SPaG Spot’.


Key Stage One and Key Stage Two begin their playtime at 10.30am. At playtime all of the children have the opportunity to join in with a variety of organised games with teachers and teaching assistants. They also have access to the playground box which has skipping ropes and hula hoops for the children to use. At the end of playtime, the bell will ring, the children will then stop what they are doing and once everyone is still the bell will ring again for the children to walk into their class line. The teachers will take them inside at 10.50am.


Lunchtime begins at 12 o’clock. The reception children and year one go in for their dinner first. The rest of the children go straight out onto the playground where they can organise their own game to play or they will find three teaching assistants at different stations running organised activities in which they can take part in. The children then come in a year group at a time to have their lunch. As soon as they have finished their lunch they make their way back outside. Lunchtime finishes as one o’clock when the teachers take the children back inside.


At Hogarth we have assembly every day from 1 o’clock until half past one. On a Monday assembly a member of the senior management team leads the assembly. Our Tuesday assembly is taken by our teachers and each week we sing a new song related to a theme or the time of the year. On a Wednesday assembly  we think about British Values Members of the student council run our Thursday Children’s assembly. Within this assembly a child from each class gets to share something they have achieved in class or outside of school. A Friday assembly will always celebrate the children’s achievements from that week.


In the afternoon, every class takes time out of learning inside to participate in our " Daily Mile " Everyone runs or walks along the mile circuit in order to keep us healthy!

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