Nottingham Citizens

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September 2021

I feel really sad that so many people in the city have to rely on food banks or multiple jobs to make ends meet” “It bothers me that my friends are anxious about sharing their mental health struggles and it seems so hard to get support” “I am worried for my family and people in Afghanistan, I feel so helpless” 

Have you ever thought like this, know people who do or just want to make a difference in our city? Then you’ll be pleased to know our school is a proud member of  Nottingham Citizens (the local chapter of UK charity Citizens UK). We believe that as part of the local alliance, we as a school community can work with others in our city to bring positive social change. We can be powerful together and we don’t need to feel helpless about making change.

The values of Community Organising with Citizens UK Relational, Integrity, Kindness, Solidarity, Courage and Inclusion help us live out our school values and children learn about democracy by participating in our civil society alliance. With 38 other city-wide institutions we, as a school community are committed to working in a broad alliance for justice and the common good.  We will join other like-minded people and work on campaign teams and also on local neighbourhood community organising. We will listen to you, our community, about what matters to you and work with you to bring change.

All staff, pupils, parents, governors are able to get involved and take part community leadership training.  Nottingham Citizens are currently working with local employers to promote the Living Wage, planning the next steps in our Mental Health Campaign and continuing with work to address structural racism in education and policing. Please sign up for regular updates on the website link above.

Nottingham Citizens Accountability Assembly, 2019

You can find out more about our alliance here: Nottingham Citizens – Who we are (4min video) and about how Community Organising has an impact here: What is Community Organising? (4min video)